Project Description

Study 24 weeks of General English for only AU$5,871 at Sydney English Academy

*Price includes enrolment fee + material fees + insurance

About SEA

The personal atmosphere at SEA means you will find it easier to meet other students and to make friends. Many of our students organise weekend trips, nights out and parties. At SEA the opportunities to enjoy yourself whilst still practising your English just keep coming; from weekly social activities to Conversation Club, to weekend excursions, SEA has got it all covered. Its social program optimises your time spent in beautiful Manly, with afternoon beach volleyball games and beach barbecues with your buddies; there’s no better place to be. Many of its students travel Australia at the completion of their English course, and when they pop back to say goodbye and we ask them which part of Australia they liked the best, they almost always say “Manly”! So SEA knows that it is in the right place and the school knows exactly how to ensure you feel part of it.

About the Course

Our full time General English course focuses on spoken English, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing skills. The aim of the program is to develop your fluency, accuracy and confidence in these areas.