Our Services

Our attention is personalized and free of charge*. At Australiante, all agents are or were international students. We speak your language, understand your passions and concerns, and use our extensive experience to give you an outstanding service, which includes:

We analyse your personal goals, needs and preferences to tailor the best options for you. You receive all the information you need to take the right decisions about your educational future.
This is the next step after choosing your program. We review and fill out every document together, to make sure you understand and agree with everything being said. We deal directly with the schools, so you don’t have to worry about anything.
One of our migration agents will guide you through the whole process so that you can lodge a successful visa application. If needed, he or she will personally take care of your case.
Besides the invaluable help of your agent, you’ll receive access to our intranet, where you will be able to download your personal documents and information, track your progress and important dates in your calendar, and print check-lists and important tips to be ready for your trip to Australia.
We pick you up at the airport and spend the afternoon with you, giving you a personal orientation about culture, transportation, activities, social life, jobs and school, answering all your questions to make sure you feel at home right away. We also help you with generalities of your move, like getting a local bank account and mobile number.*
The moment you arrive, you automatically become part of the Australiante family. This means receiving access and invitations to fun events and activites, special promotions, exclusive discounts from our sponsors and constant communication with your agent. If you have any issues of any kind, or even if you just need somebody to talk, we are here for you, and we’ll handle any issue in a confidential and personal manner.
If you decide to take further studies after your original course is done, the process is easier than you think. This time, we provide our support in person. We meet you in a convenient time and place for you, and we take care of everything with the Universities, just like before.
*Restrictions apply.

Being part of our Community

We believe that the process of learning is not limited to a classroom,that’s why our students have access to a number of activities tailored specifically for them. This way they can take full advantage of the opportunities that Australia has to offer. This gives them the capacity to explore their personal interests, develop long lasting friendships and practice their English in real-life situations. We offer:

  • Cultural, social and outdoors activities and events.
  • Fitness club
  • Day tours and weekend trips
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Job search support
  • Personal assistance and counselling