“Our destiny is not a place, but a new way of looking at things”

Hi! I am Dolores, I am 31 years old and I come from the Cordoba Argentina. I would like to tell you about my travelling experiences around Australia, about what every one of us has felt when embarking on such a trip. When we start something different, like jumping to the other side of the world, it is very valuable all that we can build for ourselves.
Like everyone, I came to Australia with a lot of adrenalin and curiosity, from that moment on, I became a student of its colourful culture and beautiful art.

I came here to find myself, but I have found much more, I’ve understood who I want to be.

I would like to share with the Australiante Community all the emotions that I have felt, from my very first day when I looked up to the shiny Opera House, to when I arrived to my first place, Manly, with its beautiful beach.
I hit the road because I wanted to find something different. Sure, I was scared, my legs were all shaking during the first kilometers but, as I always say, Australia is a wonderful country where one can open oneself up to understand what we really want to create. It’s the perfect place to push our limits, to get to know ourselves and listen to other people’s stories. Thanks to this journey, I have met many friends, people that hugged me, hands that have helped me along the way and some others that have given me a shove of encouragement to continue in my journey.

The Australiante agents asked me how my first experience in Australia was. I have to admit that I left with a broken heart. I don’t know if those lands stole my heart or if simply one part of it remained there, as an appreciation of what Australia has given to me.

It took me a long time to take the decision to leave for Australia with a Working Holiday Visa. Even if time ago I had already travelled for one year around New Zealand, this time it was different because I was leaving on my own, I was older, and I was feeling that I was having more responsibilities over my life.
I left everything: my family, my friends, my dog, EVERYTHING! I had a fixed and stable job that I loved and that made me grow up a lot. But there was something inside me that was looking for something else. And so, after several sessions of psychology, after having explained to everyone, and first of all to myself, that I couldn’t waste any more time and that taking a different path was possible, I left. It hasn’t been easy and I didn’t jump straight away into it, I started step by step.

I want to “find myself”, like everyone says and, in reality, it is all about moving a little bit the boundaries of our comfort zone, jumping over this barrier, expand it, get out of our box and look to another reality, listen to different stories, extend the horizon of our ideas.
This “discovery of the self” doesn’t mean finding lost parts of ourselves and quickly taking them back, but it actually means, “creating ourselves”. I didn’t discover anything new, it has been enough to take the bandages off from my eyes and everything was already there.
Since when I was a little girl I have always liked arts and, wherever I was, I have always been labeled as “the one that creates things with her hands”: at home, at school and also when I was with my friends.
And so, during this trip I have found the way to feed this passion, following the path of the arts, which allowed me to live incredible experiences, like living with an Aboriginal community in the middle of Australia.

The first thing that I said when I arrived in Sydney was “I want to make the whole round trip around Australia!”, like if it was a small Country! And so, I jumped inside the very complicated mission of doing the round trip around the Country like I wanted, for a total of 30.000 km more or less, where everything happened, most of the time nice experiences; I also had to face some obstacles, but that’s normal and they are the ones that make us grow up. The road has become my life school.

Australia is an open Country that allows you to discover what you really want, it is “a Country where to dream”. Life is generally quite easy, it’s a safe place where finding employment is possible, depending of course on your enthusiasm and what you are looking for.
There are many backpackers and travelers, so contrary to what I thought, I was never alone and the people that I have met along the way are those that made my trip even more special.
There are opportunities for everyone; it is just a matter of getting out there and catching them. Nothing is so impossible, that idea that crosses your mind is attainable, it’s just a matter of trying!

Encourage those who have the idea of leaving in their minds, they won’t regret it, on the contrary they will get surprised about all that they will encounter along the way. They say that we just regret things that we haven’t tried.

“Buenas rutas y buena vida!”…

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With love,



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