Australia’s bucket list for international students

The first time I went to study abroad was right after high school. I had gotten a scholarship for a one-year Diploma of Leadership, and thanks to my superhero mom and an awesome uncle we were able to pay the plane ticket and a good part of the rest of the expenses. I worked as a janitor and Spanish teacher to pay for my homestay, and during the whole trip I always had a very limited budget. Being honest that didn’t matter at all, and I will always remember that trip as one of the best decisions in my life. It opened my eyes to the world, and gave me the opportunity to grow up, learn a lot, meet awesome people, visit wonderful places and have an amazing time. To study abroad is for the brave, it is an awesome investment, but it takes a lot of effort. So, if you are coming to Australia or you are already here as a student, and you belong to the big majority of people who come on a tight budget, check out this ideas to include in your bucket list. You will have a great time, without spending lots of money.

  1. Explore the city by foot without any particular destination.
  2. Buy a huge ice cream and enjoy it on the beach.
  3. Do some volunteer work (in an animal refuge, for example)
  4. Participate in a race.
  5. Dare to do something scary, like holding a huntsman spider (don’t try with venomous animals!)
  6. Take your camera everywhere and take hundreds of photos.
  7. Kiss a foreigner.
  8. Get in your best shape for summer.
  9. Share a meal with someone who can’t afford it.
  10. Go to a nudist beach.
  11. Send postcards and paper letter to your friends and family.
  12. Create something that can stay in Australia when you leave (like planting a tree, no graffiti please)
  13. Get a picture cuddling a koala.
  14. Spend the afternoon with the kangaroos.
  15. Have a long conversation with someone you didn’t know.
  16. Try lamingtons, meat pies, sausage rolls, and any other Australian snack you can think of.
  17. Spend the whole day just relaxing on the beach (don’t forget to bring tons of sunscreen)
  18. Bring a pizza and a bottle of wine to have dinner on the beach.
  19. Go to an audition to be an extra in a movie.
  20. Go fishing.
  21. Find out when the restaurants have discounts and specials and go on a gastronomic tour.
  22. Organise a BBQ on the beach.
  23. Swim in the ocean.
  24. Build a kite and fly it on the beach.
  25. Go bicycle touring.
  26. Play your favourite sport with people from different countries.
  27. Learn to say “hello” and “thank you” in the language of all your friends.
  28. Take a surfing lesson.
  29. Go to a festival.
  30. Visit the weekend markets.
  31. Go to Bondi Beach and try to spot someone famous (please don’t pretend to be a paparazzi)
  32. Eat a burger “Australian style” (with beetroot)
  33. Enjoy the fireworks on New Year’s eve in Sydney Harbour.
  34. Go camping.
  35. Visit the zoo and meet Australian animals (platypus, Tasmanian devils, wombats…)
  36. Watch a movie in an outdoor cinema.
  37. Enjoy a regatta.
  38. Visit the aquarium.
  39. Have a couple of beers in a true Australian pub.
  40. Visit an aboriginal art exhibition.
  41. Learn to play rugby.
  42. Go snorkelling.
  43. Go running at dawn on the beach.
  44. Enjoy the Mardi Gras in Sydney (the worldwide famous carnival dedicated to sexual diversity)
  45. Get a mini-tattoo as a souvenir of the trip.
  46. Learn to take good pictures and send the best to National Geographic.
  47. Enjoy a local concert.
  48. Eat fish and chips in Sydney Harbour.
  49. Master your English.
  50. Write about your experience in Australia and publish it in a blog.

To close the list, if you have the opportunity to spend some money and you don’t live that far away, choose one of this unforgettable activities:

  1. Visit the Great Barrier Reef.
  2. Swim with whale sharks.
  3. Go whale watching.
  4. Go on a wine tour to the Hunter Valley.
  5. Enjoy a performance at the Opera House.
  6. Visit the Twelve Apostles in the Great Ocean Road.
  7. Go camelback riding at sunset.
  8. Admire aboriginal cave art and dinosaur foot prints in the dessert.
  9. Visit the theme parks in the Gold Coast.
  10. Explore Daintree Rainforest.
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