Ariel’s story

I am 23 years old, and I come from Fray Bentos, a little city on the west coast of Uruguay, in South America. Here, if you speak good English, you have more and better job opportunities, so I decided to study the language. I soon realised however, that the classes I was taking were not going to be enough. If I wanted to really learn, I needed to travel to an English-speaking country.

I had been thinking about this idea, when I learned that the company where I was working was declared bankrupt, so I received a good amount of money for being dismissed. I didn’t want to waste the money in something useless or irrelevant, so I decided that this was my perfect chance to make the trip come true.

I met Roxy, the director of Australiante, a little after that, when she came to Uruguay during a business trip. She told me about all the wonderful things about Australia, and how so many students would go there every year, so after just a couple of hours, I decided that I had made up my mind. That was the place where I really wanted to go.

Australiante gave me full support from the very beginning. They helped me to decide the best time of the year to go, gave me a lot of options for schools with prices within my budget, and gave me so much advice to fully experience the country. If Roxy had not spent the time she did with me, I would’ve not enjoyed Australia the way I did. It is just amazing to have all the information and support from someone that has all the experience, but at the same time understands your needs and concerns.

At Australiante they were also absolutely helpful when I applied for the visa, which for me is the most exhausting and annoying part of the preparation for the trip. They helped me to understand all the paperwork and to make sure I was lodging a successful application.

When I arrived, Roxy was already waiting for me at the airport. She took me to my home stay and to my school and made sure I had everything I needed. Without her I would’ve been completely lost, she was almost like a mom to me, but that just shows how everybody at Australiante takes care of you.

The first things I loved about Australia were the beautiful beaches, the friendliness of the people (Australians and foreigners alike) and how safe I felt walking down the street at night. I spent the most wonderful five months ever and I learned so much. I did not only improve my English, but I also grew as a person, and made amazing friendships along the way. I wouldn’t change my experience for anything in the world.

After I came back to Uruguay, I started working in an information technology enterprise, thanks to my advanced level of English. I’m still taking classes to perfect the language, but it it had not been for my trip to Australia, I would have not got the job.

I will always be grateful with Australiante. If it wasn’t for them, I’m sure I would have not made it to Australia.

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