Falling in love abroad?

If you are planning to come to Australia, maybe you have already wondered how it would be to find the love of your life in the other side of the world. Of course, in your imagination this person might look like Chris Hemsworth and the location might be an exotic beach full of kangaroos sunbathing on perfect white sand. It’s fun to daydream, but in reality falling in love abroad could be a very difficult situation.

To start, when you travel your emotions get intensified. Your body releases endorphins (also called molecules of happiness) when experiencing new exciting things and places. So, you will be in a pleasant mood already, and if you add a couple of beers and an awesome night at a nightclub, you might end up noticing the blond guy you saw in the other side of the bar. Once you get closer to him you might start feeling like if you were in a deodorant commercial, and after just twenty minutes of trying to have a conversation with him in English (and realizing that you overestimated your ability to speak the language) you might end up feeling that you are already falling for him.

If he wants to see you again, with daylight and without a beer, you will experience one of two things: you will wonder what the heck you were thinking, or you will realize that you really, really like him (endorphins have already done their job in your brain, establishing a direct connection between Romeo and your sense of happiness). This is the right moment to analyse if you really want yourself to get involved in the fairy tale, or you should run for your life.

To make the decision, the first thing you want to consider, is what could happen if you both ended up falling in love for real. There will come a time when you will have to choose to say good-bye forever or commit to a long distance relationship. But remember, the last option will always end up in breakup, or one of you moving permanently to the other country.

If you end up together you will never understand each other one hundred per cent. If relationships are already hard enough with two people from the same social circle, imagine how complicated it is to find a balance between the values, habits, personalities, languages, sense of humour and goals in life of two people that were raised in opposite sides of the planet. So, it is possible that you and your sweetheart will have a lot of extra arguments caused by cultural differences.

Now, all this can happen only if you are lucky enough to find someone that is truly interested in having an actual relationship, but you have to remember that many times guys are just looking to have a good time. Many of them even purposely choose girls who are tourists or students, so when they go back to their home countries, they are free to go for the next one. This situation is pretty common.

Whether you find Casanova or Prince Charming, the truth is, it will suck your time. You will want to spend as much time as you can with him (time that should’ve been used to learn and experience the country to the maximum) and at the end you will most likely end up going back home frustrated and sad. So, my advice is that you should try to think with a cold head, take conscious decisions about what you really want in your trip, and don’t look for love, but if it happens, enjoy it as much as you can.

My personal experience? The first time I lived abroad I ended up breaking somebody’s heart, the second time they were the ones breaking my heart. And the third? The third time gave me my wonderful Australian husband.

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  2. Ana Cris September 20, 2013 at 3:06 pm - Reply

    Ai que história linda!!

    Amo histórias de amor, ainda não encontrei o meu, mas sei que ele está pra chegar… rs

    Minha ída à Austrália é para estudar e tenho total foco nisso, entretanto, o nosso futuro só a Deus pertence, então se o homem que Deus está preparando pra minha vida aparecer nesse momento, não vou deixar passar ne.. rs


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