In Brazil I was studying pharmacy when I decided to have a break in my life to improve my English, and since then a lot of good things have happened to me.

Like many students, I never thought about studying English in Australia, but after a lot of research I decided to come here principally for the weather, which is similar to Brazil and because of the wonderful landscapes.

I was fascinated with the lifestyle in Sydney, it is so beautiful. My 4 months at an English school in Manly was great, it gave me a good understanding of the English language even though I had already studied 5 years in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. I went to school in the mornings, worked in the afternoons and in my free time I enjoyed my new environment. In Manly when you go out for a walk you always meet someone in the street that you know and stop to chat for a while. In my holidays and I spent my time enjoying the city, going to the beach every day and meeting up with my friends.

My life has changed a lot with this experience, now I am much more relaxed and much more connected with my family. Also I made many friends that I know I will be in contact with for the rest of my life. I had to return to Brazil to finish university and to be with my boyfriend again. However, I am very grateful for the whole experience and I recommend it to everyone. In the future I want to travel again.

Barbara Ferreira