So, you have made up your mind. It doesn’t matter if you have to sell everything you own, work from 6 in the morning till midnight and even put any romantic relationship on stand-by, you are coming to study in Australia. You have already done your research and everybody says that it is pretty much Wonderland. Well, actually, it is. I’ve been living in Sydney for six months now and I am absolutely in love with the country, so I can honestly tell you that you have taken one of the best decisions in your life. But not everything is perfect, and you may want to get informed and ready to enjoy the best, but prepare for the inconveniences.

The best

Nature: Some of the most unique and amazing landscapes on the planet, from snowy mountains to incredible beaches, several areas declared World Heritage sites and numerous National Parks.

Animals: Australia has some of the cutest and most exotic animals in the world, and most of them can’t be found anywhere else, like the kangaroos, wallabies, koalas, wombats, bilbies, quokkas, platypus and echidnas. If you don’t know some of them, find them in Google, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Lifestyle: Australians are well known for their love for the beach, sports and outdoor activities. Let me tell you that it is actually contagious. Especially with the good weather we have here, you will have hundreds of activities to choose from at any time of the year, from surfing to skiing.

Education: As you have probably read already, the quality of education here is excellent. The government here is highly involved in maintaining the quality in the schools and universities, so they have organizations that monitor them to make sure they meet the standards, and there is even a law that protects international students and their right for quality education.

Diversity: The excellent opportunities in Australia have attracted hundreds of millions of migrants and students from more than 200 different nations. This has shaped the culture and gastronomy, which is absolutely cosmopolitan.

The myths about “the worst”

Distances: Australia is the sixth biggest country in the world, but has a population of a little bit more than 20 million people, with most of them living in the main cities. This means you have to travel long distances for anything outside your city, and you will generally require a plane. To go from Sydney to Perth for example, it takes a flight of almost four and a half hours, unless you want to spend from five to eight days driving all the way there. It sounds like a lot, but it would be pretty much the same if you wanted to travel from New York to San Francisco in the States. If you put it under perspective, it actually sounds reasonable.

Prices: In general, the cost of living in Australia is high, especially in the main cities, particularly the rents, food, entertainment, good quality clothes and personal care services and products. But the truth is that it is cheaper than studying in England or The States. Besides, being able to work while you study and earning local currency makes prices appear way less expensive than what you thought at the beginning.

The sun: It is true that Australia has the highest incidence rate of skin cancer in the world, but this cancer develops with people that have spent years under the sun without protection, and it’s almost always removable. Since this disease and its complications are completely preventable, you just have to forget about extreme tans and always remember to wear good quality sunscreen and sunglasses to not have to ever worry about skin cancer.

Internet: In many countries people pay the Internet based on how fast it is to load pages and download content. It is not the case of Australia: here they charge for the quantity of megabytes you use. It is not cheap, the monthly packages include restricted amounts of data and it can get pretty slow sometimes. So, in a few words, it is deficient compared to the service in other countries.

Animals: The same way Australia possesses some of the cutest an most beautiful animals, it also has seven of the ten deadliest animals in the world. The good news is that it will be almost impossible for you to encounter one, especially in the city, and even if you had that terrible luck, australians have developed all the necessary antidotes. What will not be that hard for you to find will be cockroaches and spiders, which are generally not venomous, but can be pretty big and ugly.

So, as you see, Australia is not a perfect place, but it comes really close. The inconveniences have absolutely no comparison with the incredible things this country has. Get ready, cause you are about to experience one of the best trips of your life.