When someone asks me how everything began, the answer is simple, and a little naughty, romantic and spiritual at the same time: “In bed”. Like many other important things in life, for me everything started there. This is the moment when I get full attention from my inquirer, who looks at me with an intrigued face, trying to figure out if it’s a joke, or a philosophical treatise taken from one of the chapters of the Guide for the Perplexed. To be honest, my answer has a little of everything… Quite often, life is created on a bed, the same as love, pleasure, rest and the most important, dreams.

Is there anyone who has never had a dream? I think all of us at some point of our lives have had wishes and aspirations that have made our future shine with dazzling light. The sad thing is that, many times and for many reasons, we start procrastinating on them, and we even forget that they ever existed. This was happening to my life when, one unforgettable morning, everything changed forever. I woke up and started my monotonous daily routine, when I suddenly had an epiphany: “Having my dreamed life depended on me and nobody else”. I no longer had the need to neither blame anybody for not letting me pursue my passions, nor hide behind excuses like “I can’t because I’m in university”, “I can’t because now I have a good job”, “I can’t because…” That morning, even with the rain pouring outside, the sun shinned more than ever in my heart.

That very day I left my job in a multinational enterprise with offices in every corner of the world, to chase my dreams and adventures. Of course, I had to endure the criticism and disapproval from friends and colleagues that thought, or think, that fulfilment in life is attained by getting a degree, a high-paying job, an expensive car and other mundane things that don’t really have anything to do with true happiness.

My ambitions were simple. I had always wanted to experience life in other countries, learn new languages, witness other ways of living, travel around the world, admire nature in foreign lands and enjoy life to the fullest. I decided to buy a plane ticket to New Zealand, and that’s where I started making my dreams come true. Was it easy? Not one thing, but my desire for personal achievement was so strong that there was nothing that could have been able to stop me. I began my journey studying English, experiencing the culture and making new friends, and I soon realised how important it was to learn a new language. Beyond the working opportunities it would eventually give me, the fact that I was able to share experiences, stories and happiness with people from so many different nations was amazing. Without English, those friendships could have never been possible.

And that’s how my life was completely transformed from the moment I decided to chase my dreams. It’s been five years and almost thirty countries since the morning I broke paradigms and freed myself from all mental structures created by my environment and circumstances. From that day I’ve lived like this, making friends along the way, sharing stories, enjoying dawns and sunsets in foreign lands, swimming in warm and freezing oceans, hiking in the solemn mountains and green rain forests, admiring the stunning moon and its poetry, and being delighted by all those little moments that make you realise how incredible the gift of dreaming is, and the extraordinary power we have within ourselves to make them come true.

From the bottom of my heart, I wish you can acheive yours. Now please excuse me, I have to keep dreaming.