Australia has recently won the title of “The happiest developed nation” for the third consecutive year, based on the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s survey results. Out of the 36 nations with developed or emerging economies, the ones with the highest results are Australia, Sweden, Canada, Norway and Switzerland. The ones with the lowest scores are Turkey, Mexico and Chile. But, what does it mean to be “the happiest country”?

To come up with the results, the countries were ranked on several criteria, such as income levels, jobs, housing, education, safety, environment and health, among many others.

About employment, for example, the average annual income of an Australian is $45,000 dollars, way beyond the $35,600 dollars that correspond to the international average for industrialised countries. 73% of Australians aged 15 to 64 have a paid job, and work an average of 32 hours a week. While in Europe the unemployment rate reaches 12%, in Australia it remains at 5.5%.

With just a little bit more than 20 million people, Australia has amazing results in many other areas. It is the 12th biggest economy on the planet, with more than twenty years avoiding recession, something that has definitely not happened to Europe and United States, which have been deeply affected by the global financial crisis. According to the UNDP Human Development Index, where 187 countries are compared based on criteria like education, life expectancy, income per capita and health, Australia is the second best country to live in the world, just after Norway (and this is because they didn’t compare climate, otherwise Australia would’ve won first place for sure).

Some other interesting indicators in this ranking are the life expectancy of almost 82 years, just behind Japan, the health system, the low levels of pollution and the high educational level. 84% of Australians who participated in the survey claim to experience more positive experiences than negative in their daily lives.

Experts say that Australia is an amazing place for professional growth and raising kids.